How to avoid dating a potential stalker

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Although there is no “one size fits all” list of recommendations that will be applicable to all stalking situations, there are four Golden Rules that should be followed if you find yourself the victim of stalking: After the stalker has been told by the victim in a calm, clear and firm manner that their attention is unwanted and that they are to stop all contact, the victim, their family and friends should have no further contact with the stalker.Stalkers want a reaction whether it’s positive or negative.Someone obsessed with you doesn't mean he loves you, it means he's obsessive.Beware of two or more of these warning signs: he’s impulsive, obsessive, selfish, doesn’t take no for an answer, has few friends, and has low self-esteem.A stalker is an individual who repeatedly refuses requests to stop contacting you.Stalkers engage in unwanted, unwarranted, intrusive, and threatening behavior and the only way to end it is to immediately break contact. Recently, I stopped replying, and from reading this article, this is best.

More information is available in the book ‘Surviving Stalking’ by Michele Pathé (Cambridge University Press, 2002).It is no secret women thrive on lots of love and attention.It is also really true that sometimes those first dates that you thought were one-night stands really do turn into lovers and husbands.Moreover, seeing movies with a hero romantically pursuing a beautiful woman, then finally winning her heart and living happily ever after, is not a healthy message for a stalker’s unstable mind.It really does feel nice to have an admirer in your life.

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