Validating bookmark values word 2016

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Here is some sample output [xx]H1J8R77KG9UH, ZX9I4F1A11,9MUMVX,2016-10-07 ,7WZ2515J,1,57.98, UKP [xx]62CHT3GI57W4, LLP0312UT3,7M5WGU,2016-10-07 , PH9HAA8H,5,140.31, UKP [xx]62CHT3GI57W4, LLP0312UT3,7M5WGU,2016-10-07 , GMLX96AE,2,24.77, UKP [xx]62CHT3GI57W4, LLP0312UT3,7M5WGU,2016-10-07 ,0X8QEOP6,2,175.75, UKP [xx]PM0NLARU1ID5,7YC1MER2R5,27BMH0,2016-10-07 , X8XNH0W8,5,51.55, UKP [xx]0SA68KV2KWI2, E6USN4249V,27BMH0,2016-10-07 ,1C489W9J,5,227.39, UKP [xx]3MRE3KH35111, Y66J97ZCP5,9MUMVX,2016-10-07 , RF5XOLWS,4,325.60, UKP 614CQ578HW31, PG236OUMWF,7M5WGU,2016-10-06 ,[x]YOKF9B05,4,287.89, UKP R5B6W9T1UN97, DDX49MRTGE,27BMH0,2016-10-06 ,[x]D2SDU96O,2,109.06, UKP KQNMTM1I48V3, L907379HO9,27BMH0,2016-10-06 ,[x]5E7TF3FP,2,194.02, UKP KWYUJJ2GLXMC, MIC85UA0O5, H1I9CI,2016-10-06 ,[x]X3P533R3,1,95.56, UKP O7434RLB1DUZ, PGGWL6LUMC,27BMH0,2016-10-07 ,[x]Y4E74ZO3,2,47.27, UKP ID4FQST20DBY, D9BB5VRORC,154YYM,2016-10-07 ,[x]G29AKWRI,5,294.79, UKP OQXM5FSQABQ3,95210UERPF, H1I9CI,2016-10-07 ,[x]55HE23U5,4,72.85, UKP H2AE7Y29N5C4, AQ77JS8H7H,27BMH0,2016-10-07 ,[x]59G6576G,4,171.08, UKP B3B95AF39J5R,0U5TTFJ1KZ,27BMH0,2016-10-07 ,[x]3ME7I3T1,2,182.41, UKP B3B95AF39J5R,0U5TTFJ1KZ,27BMH0,2016-10-07 ,[x]QUA61H5Z,3,292.30, UKP Only when invalid data is found, output is generated. When it’s known that the majority of the data might be invalid, all records need not be processed and the data can be sub sampled.Validation checks are performed on the sub sampled data.* jquery.0.0.1 -* Scroll smooth to any element in your DOM.* * Copyright (c) 2012 Yannick Albert ( * Licensed under the MIT license (All records are processed when this parameter is not set.

COMException (0x800A17EC): You can not edit the mark because it is protected. I take this information and create a subscription with it.Once the subscription is created I attempt to validate the payment information via the payment profile.When I do this in my sandbox environment (in live mode) I simply get an "E00040 Customer Profile ID or Customer Payment Profile ID not found" message.When I look for these ids myself I find that they do exist and are connected with eachother properly.

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