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Just make sure you follow the rules before you claim your prize.Another thing, the methods shared below allow you avoid the 10% penalty, but they do not….We’ll help you choose the right Individual Retirement Account and provide the guidance, tools, and resources you need to meet your retirement goals.A rollover of retirement plan assets to an IRA is not your only option.I switched to Chuck's because I save so much money.My previous financial 'analyst' charged a 2% commission on trades. My Schwab contact is much more responsive than my personal finance gal was. If you are stressed about having to pay the 10% early withdraw penalty, don't freak out just yet.The IRS – believe it or not – does allow methods to withdraw funds from your 401k without penalty.

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In the event that an eligible distribution is taken from a Solo 401K Plan and the Plan Administrator and not the financial institution is responsible for reporting the distribution, the Plan Administrator would be required to do the following: 1.If a Solo 401(k) Plan participant is eligible to take a distribution and elects to take a distribution prior to 591/2, the Plan Administrator of the Solo 401(k) Plan is require to withhold 20% of the distribution amount.Note – in order for the Solo 401K Plan participant to take a distribution there must be a plan trigger event or the distribution funds must be from a rollover.The actual effects of your financial decisions may vary significantly from these estimates - so these estimates should not be regarded as predictions, advice, or recommendations.This information does not constitute an application, offer or commitment by Wells Fargo & Company, or a representation of interest rates, investment performance or any other future performance.

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