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I finally decide to upload here also the material of my class of Hydraulic Construction.Is a little off-topic here but I realized that that was the simplest way for me to communicate and upload the work to my students.You can never have enough testing of your website or application to get the user experience right and iron out all the bugs.Quality assurance is an often neglected process that evaluates and improves the quality of software. All you need to do is watch some online videos from two separate sets (one adds to 1 hour and the other one to 2 hours), send me constructive feedback confidentially (really short, 3-5 bullet points/one liner feedback as to how I can improve them) and ideally leave a separate positive public review (you are encouraged but not obliged to do so and exactly how you rate it is entirely up to you based on your experience with the material).Judging from the German fundraiser page the German chapter doesn’t seem to use the Meta-Wiki translations.Further translations into German are probably useless.Ma nel caso qualcuno si sentisse non rappresentato adeguatamente, me lo faccia sapere e concorderemo le modalità perchè abbia pieno riconoscimento.Qui di seguito i link al materiale 1 - Introduzione al Corso 2 - Introduzione alle Costruzioni Idrauliche e alle opere pubbliche 3- Fognature Pluviali 4 - Acquedotti 5 - Fognature Nere _____________________________________________________________________________ Postfazione al corso del 2012 Arrivato in fondo, mi rendo conto che avrei potuto fare alcune cose meglio. L'anno prossimo mi auguro sarà pronto e definitivo il lavoro di importazione di Trento_p e di Epanet all'interno di u Dig e quindi il corso si modificherà di conseguenza (e dovremo completare la documentazione).

LIBRARYIstituto Idrografico della Marina has a library of 20,000 volumes, including sailing directions, atlases, and travel journals dating back to the 18th century.

If so, could this be explained in the tips, or in a sub-page to the tips, with a link to a page giving contact details for all the chapters?

Last year, only the UK chapter contact was provided (by me) and everybody else had to research the contacts themselves.

DISTRIBUTION, EQUIPMENT AND MARKETING DEPARTMENT The Equipment Section is in charge of purchasing, testing and maintaining all IIM equipment.

The Distribution Section deals with IIM official distributors and provides Italian Navy units with the necessary IIM material, also through branches in Taranto and La Spezia.

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