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Two of our glamorously eyelined Masters get their heads chopped off by Grey Worm ( 40) and the third is allowed to return home and warn everyone not to fuck with Daenerys Stormborn. Daenerys gains a fleet, or at least, a fraction of a fleet that her dragons haven't toasted ( 25).

Still, ships is ships, and as Tyrion says, our queen does love ships.

I figured I'd take away the incumbent advantage and hopefully open some space for new, fresh insults.

(and only friends, as is Nintendo's way), each friend will need to have the Nintendo Online app downloaded and running on their phone or tablet.

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Jones stopped in Chicago recently to play Thrones virtual-reality games ahead of the sixth season’s Blu-ray release, and he quickly discovered he’s great at dodging boulders, but lousy at archery.'s multiplayer section and create a private room via the Online Lounge section, sending out invitations to each friend they want to chat with.Invitations can also be sent through the app directly.(Why would I want such a thing on my fun TV show when there are so many bad rulers IRL?I guess it would make the show more interesting to watch again someday when I have the flu or something.) Benioff and Weiss are starting to telegraph this development pretty hard, as well giving us our weekly reminder of the continued existence of a bunch of wildfire underneath King's Landing. After Daenerys, in full psychopath mode, calmly counts off the ways in which she'll make the Masters suffer, Tyrion Lannister takes a break from sputtering lame excuses about his mishandling of her city-state and reminds her that a tendency toward what we'll politely call overreaction runs in her family.

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