Bayonet dating

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The father of two said: "We were about to wrap up the operation and head back to the checkpoint.

More troops fought at Brandywine than any other battle of the American Revolution.I found a site that explains how to date them if they have the /26\ but in 1963 they started putting 3 Chinese characters on there that represent "Type 56" and I guess that's when stuff starts getting tricky. but he is incorrect about the intro of the chinese character in 1963 , i have a pic of a /26\ 1962 with the 3 chinese character. dating a /26\ is the same right to end of production in 1981. I believe mine has a /26\, but it looks different than other ones iv'e seen, three chinese characters and then the serial nimber with a "R1700***". Triangle factory codes: in order of number of digits. I was just coming out of the ditch and most of the fire was coming at me. "I have been shot at quite a few times and could tell the enemy was close. It was obviously a well-planned ambush and they overwhelmed us with fire from three points initially." Firing a rocket at one of the insurgent positions, Cpl Jones ordered three of his men to fix bayonets before breaking cover and leading them across 80 metres of open ground raked by enemy fire. They were all quite young lads and the adrenalin was racing. I got 'Commander's Legs' on and was going very quickly.Gravel and dirt were flying up all around me from the bullets." Caught in the killing zone and unable to advance into the hail of fire, the soldiers withdrew to the relative safety of the water-filled ditch to return fire but were trapped as the insurgents moved in to try to overwhelm their position. I realised I'd left them behind a bit so had to slow down and was engaged again, so I organised my guys who started attacking the enemy firing points," he said.

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