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The pair parted ways eventually and are now both happily married elsewhere.Holly and Cian are no longer a match but this pairing was less about social standing and more about standing together. Like BOD and Glenda, they too have gone their separate ways and called it a day in 2014.Sheena was a model with First Options and worked for Spin FM.The Trinity graduate currently works as the marketing manager for Leinster Rugby. D’arcy asked her out but Aoife was dating someone at the time.

This site is specially for UK rugby fans and players to meet other people of the opposite sex who share the same passion for the game.

There is no reason to expose the intimate details of your home life – that your husband wears frocks, drinks peppermint tea and loves to watch reruns of Ally Mc Beal – unless you want to portray him as a schmuck over whom you have ultimate control. He thinks he’s neat, but he has people who help him, you know, and I’m like, it’s not you who’s neat, the people who pick up your socks, those are the neat people.” Then there is Samantha Cameron, who once revealed that the Prime Minister is a “terrible channel flicker”, adding that she has “to be quite firm about him not fiddling with his phone and his Black Berry too much”.

Ergo, Sally Bercow’s tweets to her thousands of followers about “Mr B”, and how he “conked” out on their tenth wedding anniversary, not to mention her willingness on Celebrity Big Brother to talk about the Speaker mopping the floors of their home while she enjoys a cup of tea. Sadly, rather than making their men look down-to-earth, these comments turn them into irritating infants in need of a kick up the backside.

Now he needs a lot of rest and we’ll see him on the pitch towards the end of the season.

‘Yesterday was a great match, very competitive spirit on the pitch but above all, as you see, a great spirit that helped to overcome, in every sense, a moment of great concern.

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